Who is in My Soul Family?


Soul Groups and Incarnations

To find your soul group or your soul family, as I like to say, you need only look as far as the people around you – they can be past, present, current or future, and you may see them at different times in your life, or you may have them with you all of your life.

Your family, your friends and people you meet in life-anyone can be a member of your soul family.   You likely incarnate with many of the same souls in your group over many lifetimes.  Your brother may have once been your daughter, or your mother may have once been your sister, and so on.

Have you ever had a best friend that felt like a sister or a brother?

Some believe that these souls are the ones with which we work out our most karmic issues.  It would make sense since such a big undertaking as that would leave us requiring the TLC that only a family could supply.


The purpose of incarnation is to develop and learn lessons in life—lessons that help us grow on a soul level and also elevate the vibration of the soul collective or the soul group.

In very much the same way that I teach others to raise their vibrational level consistently in life, we do the same thing on the other side, with the same purpose in mind.  Each vibrational level brings us closer to our God, (i.e., The Source, Our Infinite Creator, The Great Spirit, Our soul families are with us through many lifetimes, and each of them is not only experiencing life with you, but you are all learning for the benefit of the soul group collective.  Each person you interact with in life within your soul group has an impact on your life in both huge and subtle ways.  or whatever name like to you use), with whom we have a sacred contract to live life to its fullest potential, with meaning and purpose.

Every life is sacred; ever life has meaning.

It is with our soul groups that we formulate our plans for incarnation.  We pick many, if not all, of the souls we will meet in life.  These are the people who will help us through our path of learning.  They can be our parents, our siblings, our mentors, and they can even be someone who had a short but meaningful purpose in our lives.

Between Heaven and Earth

We go from a nurtured soul in the soul group to souls incarnated in humanity – we enter life.  We go through the traumas of birth – from energetic balls of light we enter into dense energy and even denser human bodies.  From our physical standpoint, all that we had planned with our soul group is erased and forgotten.  Babies do not have brains that can comprehend master plans.  However on a soulful level we can feel when we are living our path, our soul’s purpose, but for this we need the help of our soul family.  By the time we start questioning our life’s purpose, members of our soul group have already been put in place to help us along in journey.

They may not know any more about their own path than you do or anyone else for that matter, but just being there is what really counts.

They are your soul group and your spiritual family; they feel familiar, like home – because they are.


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