Getting Grounded

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, but the days and nights are just filled with riveting and unprecedented current affairs, it’s hard to come up for air. No better time than the present to get ourselves grounded. Actually that’s one good thing we can do for ourselves on a daily basis:

GROUNDING. Aside from the good ol’ benefits of natural Vitamin D (captured by being out in the sun), just being out in the fresh air (fresher than your living room or home office) is essential to our lifeforce, no matter what the weather. When you stand with your feet firmly on the ground, sand, snow, or even your third-floor patio you can become the conduit between the energy of Mother Earth and the Universe above. Letting your body be warmed by the Earth’s core through your foot chakra and the warmth of the daylight through your crown chakra enables the connection that fills your chakra body with a reminder that you are very much a part of nature and all that is natural on this planet. Think of it as charging your cell phone, for those of you who resist giving up the tech even for a few moments. After you unplug your device, that charge keeps it working on it’s own battery power for hours.

Instead of taking your next coffee break in the kitchen, go outside and just breathe in the air (yes, even if you live/work in a big city.)

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