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December 14, 2020

The Solar Eclipse and the Galactic Core

One of my favorite astrologers of our time, Eric Francis, describes the Galactic Core as “… a spiritual homing signal. It is coming in strong right now.”

At this time, the last month in a year that most would like to forget, we are experiencing several astrological events that – whether you follow astrology or now – you likely feel internally, soulfully.

Let’s start with today’s total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, (Monday, December 14, 2020 –at its maximum by 11:13 AM EST). (Some might be happy to know that Sagittarius is the sign of travel.)  Eclipses are wildcards that usher in life-changing events and they mark beginnings and allow for endings. As this is a New Moon, it’s basically a door opening up – an awakening, a conscious expansion. At the same time, many of the things we’ve come to know as truths will be all but stripped away as we begin a new journey on finding our own personal truths. The veil has been thinning for a long time, and now it’s about to become transparent.

This eclipse lines up nicely with what is called the Galactic Center of our Universe, which means wide open, psychic connections between us and the Universe. This isn’t just another eclipse, and in fact, this whole month, is riddled with  “5D” energy and planetary shifts. You should check out Intuitive Warrior, Michael Jaco or Psychic, Artist JC Kay on YouTube to take walk down that avenue. I’ll share more about the Fifth Dimension in a moment. Next, I want to turn your attention to …

The Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction

We’ve been under the thumb of not-always-fair, but certainly-stern Saturn since 2017. While in the house of Capricorn, you can bet it was follow-the- rules kind of experience that continually tried us at every turn. December 2020 is the final month we’ll feel this way. Along with Jupiter following close behind, these two giants will move into Aquarius – a free thinking air sign with the word “humanitarian” written all over it. The really good news about Saturn changing signs is that he always leaves a parting gift to those of us who have met the challenges you (we) have faced while in the last sign –and  Saturn in go-getter Capricorn was no joke.

(Remember 5D or the Fifth Dimension that I mentioned earlier?  Well the clairaudient (clear hearing) in me has not been able to stop hearing “The Age of Aquarius” by the Fifth Dimension in head for weeks. If you’re too young to know what that is, search for it on YouTube.)

In just the month of December, we’ve dealt with a great division in the US – politically and otherwise. Our faith, our beliefs, and even the people we believed in, have all come into question.

December 16, 2020 – Saturn moves into Aquarius

December 19, 2020 – Jupiter move into Aquarius

December 21, 2020 – The Grand Conjunction and the Grand Mutation

Jupiter and Saturn will form their first conjunction in an air sign in a very long time, and that will repeat again in 2040 in the air sign of Libra and 2060 in the air sign of Gemini.

When the Grand Conjunction changes elements (like now from Earth to Air), it is called the Grand Mutation.

In the words of Astrologer, Susan Miller, “The Grand Conjunction sets the tone for the ethos for the next 20 years affecting the arts, music, theatre, literature, entertainment, designer fashion, food, music, mathematics, science, politics, and the government agenda. In other words, everything!”

I believe it’s not too far-fetched to leave you for now with this little caveat … hold onto your hats. And also, invite in the breath of fresh air (sign). Of course, we as humans always have a way of taking even a good thing too far or for granted  – more on that later.

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