About Me

First thing’s first – a full disclosure (with a dash of marketing suicide, you might say) … I’m a no-niche kind of girl.  I’m intrigued by most things – fables and realities both large and small, the normal and the paranormal, natural and supernatural.  I study astrology, sometimes numerology – I suck at math, yet numbers fascinate me.  I’m an empath and intuitive, I write, I take photos, I paint and draw, and it’s fairly safe to say, I’m a little ADD.  Conspiracy theories to me aren’t conspiracy at all; even the most outrageous stories have a bit of truth in them.

I’m an avid researcher, and when I can peel back layers and see the various ways things connect I become pretty much entranced in that subject.  I’m a dot connector … I see the connections between things as tangible as tarot and astrology and crystals, etc., and things as intangible as theories and beliefs and ideas. 

It’s apparent to me, and many others, that we are living in a majorly historical and magical time.  There is a spiritual clash between the dark and the light unfolding before our eyes.  Knowing this, I embarked upon a several years’ journey following an ever-expanding collection of psychics, mediums, astrologers, warriors and brain benders, and learned there are truths to be uncovered and they live behind some of the lies we’ve been told and the “Matrix” we live in.  I like to look at all subjects from all sides and find what resonates within my empathic soul.  Finding like minds with which to share this stuff is just the icing on the cake.

I’ve never had a niche – just a thirst for knowledge and the truth.  However, if I must pick one, as many have told me I should, I’d say that I’m a Dot Connector.  I like to share what I’ve learned and from whom and present it to you, so you can form your own opinions, find your own truths and confirm your own intuitive beliefs.