A Crown of Stars

Well here we are just about an hour or so after the New Moon came out in Aquarius at 2:05 EST (or is that ESDT? That whole daylight time thing drives me mad). Anyway – we can add this New Moon to the other five heavenly bodies now occupying the sign of Aquarius.

Whenever there are five planets in one constellation, it’s call a “stellium” or “crown of stars.” Right at the moment we have Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, plus now the now the New Moon, in Aquarius. Wherever you have Aquarius in your chart will be a big hub of activity.

Aquarius is the sign of uniqueness and the humanitarian. Any of you who happen to know an Aquarian probably knows that they dislike being identified by or with a group – even if that group happens to be a group of other Aquarians.

Whichever house you’re hosting this Stellium of Stars in should be your focus at the moment. Use your individuality to express your views or further your practice, and have fun with it. Leave any doubts and drama at the doorway.

Here’s a little cheat sheet for you to see what house you’re hosting these stars in, indicating where you should focus your intent.

Aquarius – 1st house of self and self-expression

Pisces – 12th house of secrets and hidden agendas

Aries – 11th house of goals and group identifiers

Taurus – 10th house of careers, status and reputation

Gemini – 9th house of travel, religion, cultural experiences

Cancer – 8th house of “other people’s money,” regeneration and shared resources

Leo – 7th house of partnership – in love and/or in business

Virgo – 6th house of daily routines and service – self-improvement

Libra – 5th house of fun and creativity and children

Scorpio – 4th house representing home and family or your tribe

Sagittarius – 3rd house of communication – verbal and written skills, publishing

Capricorn – 2nd house of resources and personal possession.

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